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Secure Desktop 

If you have overseas based remote staff who have shifted to working from home, it’s possible you have inadvertently become exposed to a data sovereignty and security risk.

Particularly if those team members are working with client, personal, financial or other types of sensitive data.

For example, do your remote staff:

  • receive emails which contain sensitive information or attachments such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint or PDF documents?
  • work with cloud based systems such which allow documents or information to be downloaded to their local computer?

    Examples of these could be Dropbox, OneDrive, Xero, Office 365, Gmail, Google Docs or any other cloud application which stores sensitive information?

TalentBridge addresses these issues by providing a purpose built security solution which is used by your overseas based remote staff to ensure your most sensitive information and data remains in Australia and is compliant with data sovereignty regulations.

Australian data remains on Australian soil, reducing your data sovereignty and data security risks.

Overseas based staff are able to continue working from home using a secure solution.

A Secure Desktop Environment is provisioned in Microsoft's Azure data centre located in Sydney, Australia.

"your data and information doesn’t leave Australian shores."

The TalentBridge Secure Desktop is where your remote staff will perform their day to day activities and interact with the various websites, systems, data repositories and information to complete their activities.

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