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Mortgage Broking

Mortgage Broking is a tough industry filled with long hours, complex processes and constant change to products and regulation. As a result, many mortgage brokers face one or more of the following challenges:

  • Your daily workflow is filled with time consuming tasks such as:

    • Following up lenders and solicitors

    • CRM data entry and client document management

    • Annual pricing reviews and property reports

  • Does your lead generation put you in a position to grow your loan book, however you can't justify the cost of an Australian admin assistant, even part-time?

  • If you are using highly paid Australian admin staff to assist, have you begun to notice it's no longer as cost effective due to regulatory and compliance changes?​

TalentBridge Coworker provides mortgage broking administration assistants located in the Philippines. A flexible staffing solution empowers brokers to focus on growing their loan book whilst the day to day administration functions are delivered with quality and at a price point which makes sense.

All of our mortgage broker administration assistants have previously worked for an Australian mortgage broker ensuring your assistant hits the ground running from day one.

We provide flexible options supporting both part-time and full-time contractors allowing you to determine how much assistance is required.

We advise how to best structure your mortgage processes to support a combined local and overseas delivery model.

Our mortgage broking administration assistants integrate into your daily workflow to complete a range of tasks spanning:

Lead Generation

  • Manage your social media accounts on your behalf. (e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook)

  • Write content and post blog articles

  • Proactively follow up on all communication channels in order to qualify warm leads into your sales funnel

  • Copy all conversations and qualifications into your CRM as reference notes

  • Prepare and analyse your sales pipeline and keep your prospecting dashboard up to date

  • Set appointments with qualified prospects with the ultimate goal of closing the qualified lead

Experienced mortgage broking professionals are the key to realising a successful offshore engagement. Benefits include faster onboarding, greater productivity and a wider variety of tasks which can be completed.
With TalentBridge, you will always receive an experienced contractor.
Looking for more detailed information?
We've created a brochure which explains how it all works including the platforms and aggregators we support, the parts of the lending process which can be optimised, how we keep your information secure and our engagement pricing.
The TalentBridge Secure Desktop is a purpose-built security solution to ensure your most sensitive information remains in Australia and is compliant with data sovereignty regulations.


Send us the job description for the role you are looking to fill


We'll send you candidates and you'll choose who to interview and hire


We take care of your new workers HR, payroll, time sheeting and invoice you in $AU monthly 

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