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Why TalentBridge Coworker

TalentBridge Coworker are experts at sourcing qualified professionals located the Philippines. Our local Australian recruitment business provides us with a unique ability to leverage our industry knowledge and experience working with Australian employers. This ensures TalentBridge Coworker provides you with overseas candidates who are best suited to working in an Australian business environment.
Effortless administration: we manage the candidates through the sourcing, selection and hiring process, as well as managing their compliance with HR, payroll, timesheet obligations on an ongoing basis. We take care of the details so you can focus on growing. The benefit to small businesses is they have a single Australian based supplier who provides both local and overseas talent, invoices in Australian Dollars (removing currency risk) and provides the resourcing flexibility to grow with your requirements.

Outsourcing to the Philippines is extremely cost-effective, however the reason for doing so is more than a cost-saving strategy.


It’s a delivery engine for compliance, procedural and administrative tasks. This frees your key team staff members time and provides them with the capacity to focus on higher value activities.

With TalentBridge Coworker, you receive:

Outsourcing specialists

Our Australian team have over 20 years experience outsourcing business processes to overseas destinations and will advise you on best practice and how to transition 

Effortless administration

We take care of the details such as HR compliance, payroll, time sheeting allowing you to focus on what your coworker will achieve for your business 



Our recruitment team are experts at finding qualified professionals located in the Philippines who are best suited for working in an Australian business environment 



Your TalentBridge Coworkers are provided through a services agreement and invoiced in Australian Dollars (no currency risk) on a monthly basis.

Business owners and managing directors are going to have to respond to the rapidly evolving threats to their business model:


Due to advances in technology and commoditisation of products and services, clients are always expecting to pay less.


Attracting and retaining Australian talent is challenging for small businesses particularly with high wage expectations and inflexible working conditions.


How do you find the hours in the day to complete all of the compliance and administration activities and ensure high value tasks are not delayed?


Your competitors are now local, national and global and likely to have already shifted their low value administration tasks overseas. 

TalentBridge Coworker provides a flexible staffing solution which empowers small business to focus on higher value activities whilst the day to day compliance and administration functions are delivered with quality and at a price point which makes sense.

Experienced administration professionals are the key to realising a successful offshore engagement. Benefits include faster onboarding, greater productivity and a wider variety of tasks which can be completed.
With TalentBridge, you will always receive an experienced contractor.

How it works


Send us the job description for the role you are looking to fill


We'll send you candidates and you'll choose who to interview and hire


We take care of your new workers HR, payroll, time sheeting and invoice you in $AU monthly 

Looking for more detailed information?
We've created a brochure which explains how it all works, the platforms and aggregators we support, the parts of the lending process which can be optimised, how we keep your information secure and our engagement pricing.

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