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One of the biggest challenges faced by small businesses is how to efficiently complete the endless hours of compliance, procedural and administration activities. Usually these tasks get de-prioritised until they become critically urgent. The problem can manifest itself in different ways, such as:

  • your invoicing is complicated and always running behind

  • you are unsure of your cash position because your accounts payable is inaccurate

  • your debtors average age has grown to an unacceptable number of days 

TalentBridge Coworkers are the perfect administration assistants. They are qualified professionals located in the Philippines, and we provide them to you at a price point which makes sense.


A TalentBridge Coworker is an ideal resource to ensure the administrative and time consuming tasks are completed accurately and keep you ahead of the game. Some of the tasks our administration assistants can perform are listed below:

  • Invoicing
  • Accounts payable 
  • Debtors
  • Payroll
  • HR 
  • Customer support
  • Sales support
  • Sales administration
  • Marketing administration
Experienced administration professionals are the key to realising a successful offshore engagement. Benefits include faster onboarding, greater productivity and a wider variety of tasks which can be completed.
With TalentBridge, you will always receive an experienced contractor.
Looking for more detailed information?
We've created a brochure which explains how it all works including the parts of the process which can be optimised, how we keep your information secure and our engagement pricing.
The TalentBridge Secure Desktop is a purpose-built security solution to ensure your most sensitive information remains in Australia and is compliant with data sovereignty regulations.

How it works


Send us the job description for the role you are looking to fill


We'll send you candidates and you'll choose who to interview and hire


We take care of your new workers HR, payroll, time sheeting and invoice you in $AU monthly 

Why choose 

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