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HR & Recruitment

Is your business able to satisfy the human resource, talent and skill demands required to deliver your business strategy?

​Business owners often say the most important part of our business is the employees we have an ensuring we retain them. And a consistently overlooked area is how to structure your business to find, attract and deliver key skills to the business in the timeframe they require them.  

TalentBridge Coworker assists your local HR staff by providing capacity to perform the administrative and time-consuming candidate sourcing activities whilst your local staff focus on ensuring prospective employees are the right fit from a cultural, skill and experience point of view. Our qualified HR professionals have excellent communication skills, and are located in the Philippines. They are ideally suited to performing HR tasks such as:   
  • Job advertisement creation & posting
  • Candidate sourcing
  • Candidate screening
  • Interview facilitation
  • Reference checking
  • Employment contracts
  • New employee onboarding
  • Payroll
Experienced HR professionals are the key to realising a successful offshore engagement. Benefits include faster onboarding, greater productivity and a wider variety of tasks which can be completed.
With TalentBridge, you will always receive an experienced contractor.
Looking for more detailed information?
We've created a brochure which explains how it all works including the parts of the process which can be optimised, how we keep your information secure and our engagement pricing.
The TalentBridge Secure Desktop is a purpose-built security solution to ensure your most sensitive information remains in Australia and is compliant with data sovereignty regulations.

How it works


Send us the job description for the role you are looking to fill


We'll send you candidates and you'll choose who to interview and hire


We take care of your new workers HR, payroll, time sheeting and invoice you in $AU monthly 

Why choose 

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